Welcome to Manney.Time, thanks for stopping by. I am Carolyn Manney, a wedding, portrait and interior photographer based in the Hudson Valley.

My portrait and wedding work allows me to explore human connection and emotion. I enjoy finding those in-between moments, that split second right before a laugh, a sly look across the room, the moment when you relax into yourself. And I strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels like they can be themselves. 

As for interiors, I have always been drawn to the way lines and angles create balanced composition. How a subtle shift in height or angle can lead the eye directly where you want it, drawing the viewer into the image. I also love homes and architecture, and as co-owner of Space Lift Woodworking & Design with my husband Drew, I spend a lot of time in other people's homes, talking about design. So photographing interiors is a natural outcome of this genuine interest of mine. 

When I'm not taking photographs or working with Space Lift, you can find me throwing parties and cooking for people, which is what I do in the after hours at our wood shop. Wood shop by day, party by night.